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Waveform Healing

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Waveform Healing—a healing modality that sits somewhere between energetic, shamanic, and intuitive healing—may help you realize profound healing on physical, psychological, and emotional levels. During Waveform Healing, I am guided by Spirit and higher planes of knowledge to work with your energy body. Waveform Healing clients, in turn, often experience transformations in patterns of thought, emotion, illness, or injury. In addition to physical healing, clients can experience clarity or insight, and feel a deep and lasting sense of relaxation, well-being, and renewal. Waveform Healing is one of my unique gifts from Spirit—an intuitive download received through shamanic initiation.

This picture shows a basic diagram of a healthy and traumatized waveform anatomy.

At a basic level, Waveform Healing involves removing pain bodies from the energy system, and resetting the waveform anatomy back to its natural, healthy state. This may sound quite similar to other energy-based healing modalities. For example, this general description is often compared to medical chi gung. What makes Waveform Healing unique is its operation on the waveform anatomy, which requires access to a specific conscious state.

What is the Waveform Anatomy?

The main anatomical features of a healthy waveform anatomy are chakras and wave membranes, whose function is to channel a fluid life energy, called ichor (chi). Perception of the waveform anatomy requires a subtle perceptual shift of consciousness. This shift can be communicated and transferred from one person to another during Waveform Healing work.


In Waveform Healing, the chakras are seven, cone- or spiral-shaped "turbines" that circulate ichor (chi) through the wave membranes.

he chakras circulate energy from the surrounding environment, through the human body, and back out into the surrounding environment again. This is one way in which we are constantly exchanging energy with our environment. It is a process that can be described both as circulation and respiration.

Note that this is a rather mechanical definition of the chakras. Waveform Healing does not specifically address other functions of the chakras, such as centers for personal development (creativity, power, love, etc.) or as portals to various states of consciousness, or stages of development. However, if you are interested in working on these aspects of the chakra system, please consider spiritual counseling.

Wave Membranes

Wave membranes are wave-shaped, membrane-like energy structures that open outward from the charkas in layers, like the petals of a flower. Wave membranes are one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of the waveform anatomy. When a person experiences a physical or emotional trauma, the waveform membranes to bend, fold or become otherwise impacted and misshapen. This misalignment can cause chronic or recurring health issues or emotional patterns.


Ichor is a fluid energy that emanates from the chakras and flows outward through the wave membranes. The name ichor is derived from the name for the blood of the gods in Greek mythology. The perceived qualities of ichor in Waveform Healing can range in color and quality, but it is commonly perceived as a cool, thick liquid light that is blue or gold in color. Like the flow of blood, chi, kundalini, or other fluids and subtle energies within the body, the flow of ichor can rise and fall at various times of the day, at times of excitement and rest, or for a host of other reasons.

What are Pain Bodies?

Pain bodies are condensed masses of subtle energy that are often experienced as physical pain, as negative emotions, such as anger or fear, or as destructive or anti-social behaviors. From the perspective of Waveform Healing, pain bodies are formed when ichor (subtle energy) cannot flow freely between the wave membranes. The ichor condenses in a particular shape and location within the body around the point of trauma. When the normal flow of energy hits upon these points of trauma, it creates a feedback loop, resulting in unwanted pain, emotions, or behaviors.

The longer a pain body exists within a person's body, the worse the symptoms tend to become. The pain body "feeds" on the energy it is given, it becomes more larger and denser. As it grows, the pain body tends to take on a "life of its own." This translates into phrases like, "It's like something took control of me," or "I wasn't acting like myself."

Much of the process of Waveform Healing focuses on removing pain bodies from the energy system. This process can be accompanied by temporarily uncomfortable or unpleasant sensations, but is generally followed by a sense of immense relief. This unpleasantness followed by relief is somewhat analogous to removing a thorn from your finger, just on a more subtle level.

Who Can Benefit from Waveform Healing?

I believe that anyone can benefit from Waveform Healing, at least to some degree. It tends to be the most beneficial for issues related to recurring thoughts or emotional patterns or chronic pain. However, whether Waveform Healing is going to be the "magic bullet" for your particular issue is frankly impossible to know until you have tried it.

Many people try Waveform Healing because they are on their own path to becoming healers themselves. If this is you, I welcome you to come try Waveform Healing to discover how it might help you in your own process of discovery of subtle energy or guided healing paths.

Whether you try Waveform Healing or not, the most important guidance I can offer is that you take responsibility for your own health and healing. Whether Waveform Healing works for you or not, whether some other modality or treatment works for you or not, it is ultimately up to you to find the path toward your own well-being and do what is right for you.

What is a Session Like?

Waveform Healing sessions are 90 minutes. During the first part of the session, we will discuss the specific concerns you would like to address and collaboratively set an intention for the session. During the first session, this typically takes about 30 minutes, but in subsequent sessions, it is usually shorter. For the remainder of the session, you will like on a massage table, face up, fully clothed, and relaxing music will play. I will perform the Waveform Healing process. I work directly within the energy field, and this does not require physical touch.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Waveform Healing is a process-oriented modality, similar to psychotherapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, or bodywork. Expecting any of these modalities to resolve your symptoms in one session is unrealistic, and the same applies to Waveform Healing. I ask that people try Waveform Healing for a minimum of three sessions. This is typically enough to at least find out if it is moving you in the right direction. Many people get what they need from Waveform Healing within three sessions. Some people benefit from more sessions. And, truly, some people find after three sessions Waveform Healing is not having a discernable effect on the specific symptoms they want to address. Whatever the case, three sessions is usually the minimum number to figure out whether to keep going or to stop.

How Can I Try Waveform Healing?

If you're interested in trying Waveform Healing, please contact me to schedule an appointment. I would love to explore further with you.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is offered in association with my role as an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Depth Hypnosis practitioner. It may not reflect accepted standards for Western psychology or psychotherapy. This information is detailed in my Informed Consent and Disclosure documents.

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