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Soul Retrieval

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Shamanic Healing Michael Da

Soul retrieval is gentle but powerful shamanic healing technique in which parts of your energetic essence, or soul, that may have been lost over the course of your life are returned to you. The benefits of soul retrieval may include improved feelings of integration, wholeness, inner strength or support, or presence in your body. People often come away from a soul retrieval with a feeling that old wounds have finally been healed.

In a soul retrieval session, I embark on a shamanic journey to find these lost parts of your essential energetic being, and return them to you. This is a highly sacred healing technique that can address issues caused by old wounds in a manner that is more direct than other modalities.

Soul Loss and Retrieval

Losing parts of your energetic essence is called "soul loss." It occurs when you experience a distressing or traumatic event. Part of your energetic essence, or soul, retreats from the body as a form of self-protection. Common examples include abuse, assault, and injuries, but any distressing event can trigger this protective response. This is thought to be a helpful survival mechanism. It is only problematic when a "soul part" does not return to your body after the distressing event is over.

The symptoms of soul loss may be quite subtle, like a persistent fear or aversion. However, they can also be more obvious, like disassociation (a persistent sense of absence from your body or surroundings), or symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Reintegrating the Soul

When the lost energetic essence, or soul part, is retrieved, it often leaves people with a feeling of greater wholeness or inner support. But the key to really receiving the healing is in reintegrating the parts of your essence that are retrieved back into all levels of the mind-body-energy system.

Integration can include journeying for information about the soul parts that were retrieved, cleansing with hot baths and salts, customized rituals, or other techniques and practices that are unique to your situation.

It may also include follow-up shamanic or other healing work, such as shamanic clearing. More conventional healing may also now be appropriate, such as psychotherapy or bodywork. Now that your essence has been returned, these healing modalities may now be able to take hold in ways they could not before.

If Soul Retrieval sounds like it might be appropriate for you, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is offered in association with my role as an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Depth Hypnosis practitioner. It may not reflect accepted standards for Western psychology or psychotherapy. This information is detailed in my Informed Consent and Disclosure documents.

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