Psychotherapy with Michael Da

Sometimes really being where you're at can also mean reaching out for support. If you're experiencing depression, grief, anxiety, addiction, or relationship issues, if you're working to overcome trauma or wounding in your past, or even if you just want your life to be even better than it is today, I'd like to help you find your way through. 

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Spiritual Counseling with Michael Da

Tap into your inner resources to find meaning, a purpose, direction, and authenticity. Integrate and deepen the truths you've already learned along your unique spiritual path. Receive compassionate, interfaith guidance informed by the modern, Western traditions of nonduality and shamanism.

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Energy Healing with Michael Da

Heal physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual wounds that may benefit from techniques beyond the reach of many traditional modalities. Explore your own unique healing gifts. If you've "tried everything," this could be the "missing piece" in your healing journey.

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Classes and Groups with Michael Da

Connect with others, learn new techniques for living your best life, and share what you've learned along the way. Current classes include a dream group, a men's group, and a walking meditation class. 

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Contct Michael Da

In-person appointments are available in Longmont, CO (10-minute drive from Boulder). Online appointments are available over Skype.

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I'm a psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, energy healer, writer, and teacher. My healing journey got real when an injury left me in pain and misery that threatened my long-term quality of life. In a do-or-die quest to reclaim my health and happiness, I began an intensive self-study that led me to a series of profound, spontaneous conscious awakenings that literally saved my life. I hold an MA in Counseling Psychology, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist, an Ordained Interfaith Minister, and a PhD Candidate in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology. For nearly a decade, I've been helping individuals and groups to find their own unique pathways toward health and healing, and tap into their own unique gifts for transforming themselves and others. 

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Michel Da

Michael Asa Da, LPC, Rev
PhD Student



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