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Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy

Michael Da
Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy
Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy
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Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy

Michael Asa Da, Scotts Valley, CA
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Michael Asa Da, Scotts Valley, CA

Psychology, Spirituality, and the Meaning of Life
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Psychology, Spirituality, and the Meaning of Life

Psychology as a Holistic Science
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Psychology as a Holistic Science

I use my unique healing gifts, as well as techniques inspired by ancient cultures to help you start healing now, and hone your ability to heal yourself for your lifetime.


Important Note: I offer this work as a coach and spiritual counselor based on my credentials as an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Depth Hypnosis Practitioner. This work is not psychotherapy, and it is not associated with my professional credentials as a psychotherapist. These differentiations are detailed in my Informed Consent and Disclosure documents, which are provided before I begin working with any client, and upon request. Before we begin working together, clients may choose to work within the context of spirituality and energy healing, or psychotherapy, but I do not do both types of work with the same clients.



Waveform Healing


Waveform Healing—a healing process that sits somewhere between energetic, shamanic, and intuitive healing—may help you realize profound healing on physical, psychological, and emotional levels. During Waveform Healing, I am guided by Spirit to work with your energy body. Waveform Healing clients, in turn, often experience transformations in patterns of thought, emotion, illness, or injury. In addition to physical healing, clients can experience clarity or insight, and feel a deep and lasting sense of relaxation, well-being, and renewal. Waveform Healing is one of my unique gifts from Spirit: an intuitive download received through shamanic initiation.



We have a number of subtle energy bodies, such as the Chinese meridian system and the Indian pranic system, and the so-called light body addressed in intuitive healing. The waveform anatomy is yet another subtle energy system. The picture above shows a basic diagram of a healthy and traumatized waveform anatomy.

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Shamanic Clearing

Along with Waveform Healing, I also offer various types of shamanic clearing. The techniques I use come mainly from the interspiritual tradition of Core Shamanism, founded by Michael Harner. The techniques themselves are not tied to any specific indigenous tradition. They are cross-cultural healing practices that facilitate the intercession of Spirit. My personal experience of the forces at work when I apply these techniques is primarily associated with Western archetypes associated with Christianity and alchemy. However, I offer a strong container of openness and nonjudgment, and I invite you to have your own unique, direct, and authentic experiences with them.

Sound-Facilitated Energy Clearing

An emotional, physical, or metaphysical impact can create an area of weakness where some foreign or internally generated energy can set in to your mind-body-energy system. These foreign energies can prevent the body from healing the trauma and perpetuate dis-ease. I use traditional forms of shamanic sound healing, including drumming, rattling, and chanting, to remove these harmful energies from your system.

Hands of Light Michael Da

My hand glowing after an energy healing session. 



Similar to the foreign energies extracted during Waveform Healing and shamanic energy clearing, living or once-living conscious energies can also enter an area of weakness or trauma. In this case, it is often necessary to perform the intervention of depossession. During depossession the embedded conscious entity is allowed to move on to a place that is healthier both for the client and for the entity. As a result, both beings are healed.


These living energies usually are not malicious. Once shown the way, they will usually leave of their own free will. This is a gentle and compassionate approach to clearing that is very different from the adversarial methods used by some religious traditions and depicted in popular media, such as the movie and TV series The Exorcist. This is a healing for both you and the suffering being who is cleared.

Death and Dying

Related compassionate clearing and deposession is psychopomp: healing beings who have already died. In addition to deposession, psychopomp more broadly includes working with souls who are not entangled within the body of a living person, but are typically attached to an area in the world, such as n object or place, such as the place they died, or a relationship, often with a loved one.


Soul Retrieval


Have you ever found yourself saying, "I haven't been the same since..."? Do you feel like there's something in your past that's still haunting you in the present? You may have lost a part of yourself following a traumatic event. A soul retrieval may help you to gather your inner resources and move forward with your life.


Unlike the other clearing types of healing, soul retrieval brings something vital back to you. Soul retrieval is a deep and powerful healing process where you are returned parts of your energetic essence, or consciousness, that may have escaped during moments of personal trauma. This process can help you to feel more empowered, more whole, more complete, and more aligned. It can help you to heal old wounds and move forward with your life.


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Spiritual Counseling


I serve as a one-on-one minister and spiritual counselor, mainly to people who identify as "spiritual but not religious."


I have studied many of the major world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism (Vedic philosophy), Taoism, Islam, and modern, Westernized variations on traditional indigenous healing practices. As such, I strive to support people in their religious traditions, even though I do not personally identify with any one specific religious tradition. Rather, my religious frame of reference comes through the modern, ongoing process of spiritual individuation and hybridization of religious traditions that represents the predominant trend in modern spirituality. 

More important to my work than ancient traditions and modern trends, is my own direct experience, and learning to trust and follow one's experience are the cornerstones of my spiritual counseling and coaching work. 

Spiritual Counseling with Michael Da

This video briefly describes my own initial awakening experience, though my path has progressed, deepened, and diversified immensely since that time. 


Counseling Outside Colorado


In addition to a ministerial calling, I operate as a spiritual counselor and coach, as well as a psychotherapist, because licensing rules in Colorado prohibit psychotherapists from seeing clients outside the state. No such rule exists for ministers or coaches. Therefore, if we work together, and you are located outside of Colorado, we will work within the context of spiritual counseling and coaching. In any case, many people identify their own struggles in more spiritual or religious, rather than psychological, terms, so working within the context of the wisdom traditions can be an excellent starting point for these types of concerns. 





Disclaimer: The information on this page is offered in association with my role as an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Depth Hypnosis practitioner. It may not reflect accepted standards for Western psychology or psychotherapy.