Your Story Has Power


Your personal story is a power plant you can harness to fuel change in your life. I can help you transmute the immense power of your story to heal trauma, calm anxiety, lift depression, ease anger, and achieve your goals.

Therapy is about working with energy. A lot of therapists talk about changes in behavior or changes in the brain. In my professional opinion, those are measurable effects of larger changes that happen on an energetic level. I'm a psychotherapist — not a brain surgeon, not an animal trainer.


I have a decade of clinical experience and graduate education, but I have the unique advantage of starting my healing career as an energy healer and spiritual counselor. When I work with people, I perceive energetic patterns — places in the body that are stuck or overcharged. I use the power of story to help people change those patterns and promote healing and growth. 

Sound like new age fluff? Psycho-energetics has over a century of history, going back to the very beginning of the field of psychology. Behavioral psychologists see people as collections of neurons, hormones, pathologies, and predictable behaviors. People who understand the depths of psychology and the power of story understand that at our core, we are energetic beings. 

But don't take my word for it. Schedule a free online consultation, and find out for yourself.

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